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Sugar & Brownie (the original blog name)was founded in 2008 by myself Scarlett, and my best friend Bronwyn. At the time, we were both in primary school, and were one day discussing in the playground names for what would one day be our fashion empire. Using our love of food, and sweet things, we incorporated the word Scarlett for Sugar, and Brownie for Bronwyn. When the playtime bell sounded that day, Sugar & Brownie had been created.

Our fashion empire began to emerge during that year as we mooched around my Mom’s material scraps attempting to make a few garments. In the end we managed to produce a bright green dress that fitted no one and had large holes down the sides, and a poncho that we made by taking a sheet of fabric and cut a massive hole in the middle.

At this time, I felt the urge to expand our empire, and so I decided to use my Playhouse in my garden as ‘Sugar & Brownie Café’ using my grandparents and my dolls as frequent customers. The Café shut down due to it being far too cold, and the plastic food falling apart, along with our clothing line, which diminished as we soon learned that neither of us could sew.

As we reached high school, Sugar & Brownie seemed to be ‘just a game we played in primary school.’ But I still felt the importance of it, and during Year 7, I decided to set up a fashion blog, by myself, and took full charge of Sugar &Brownie.

I cringe looking back at some of the archives now from around 2009, and unfortunately a lot of it got lost when my blog faced a technical issue, but as I look back over it I can see the huge transition in not only my choice of posts, but the way in which I express myself as a blogger too.

When I started the blog, I thought it was to share my love of clothes, and my childhood treats. But today, I feel my blog has flourished into my love of style, and the importance fashion plays in my life, and how I use it as a form of self-expression; as I try to post frequent posts of my outfit choices, and things I have purchased (only after I’ve done my school work of course! Haha)

I still have faith in the Sugar &Brownie Empire, whether it one day be a huge hotel chain, a massive clothing store, or even a magazine company. But for now, Sugar & Brownie is a blog, and will remain so, as it captures my teenage life, so I can look back when I am a Granny, and laugh my ass off and think “What on earth was I wearing?”

// Added March 2017  //

My blog has now taken on the name of 'Scarlintheshire' a term which I believe to symbolise myself, my adventures, and where I am from.  Now in my second year at university, maturing from the insecure self of high school, I feel that my blog must continue this journey alongside me to be my companion, a patch on the internet that I can laugh at with fondness and lament on in years to come. Thank you for stopping by x 


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