As the hours of two thousand and fifteen creep to a close, I find myself sat with my family watching the football (not to my taste) reminiscing in my mind the antics that the year offered. Six months since my last blog post - I profusely apologise - I am now studying English and Related Literature at the University of York, I lived in Edinburgh for a month performing in the Fringe, I went on a girls holiday to Malia (absolute scenes) so I guess I quite literally had the best summer possible. Now in the wintery days that pass, where I'm "supposed" to be tackling my somewhat hefty reading list, I look back and think what a challenging, yet thrilling year it has been.
In matters new and never changing, I still haven't cured my spending habits, and found myself and my student loan a victim to the boxing day sales. SOS when the January ones hit. As I'm sure you can imagine when I arrived at University with ironed clothes and money to afford plastic bags, the prospect of having a card and the streets of York to scour did not play to my advantage - especially with the heinously sized university halls wardrobes.
I spent many a night in the library until 4am (essay deadlines are a no from me) getting hyped over the digital touchscreen Costa vending machines - oh the technology they have in the North - and admittedly I was lost, and barefoot (?) in the Shakespearean section one night, probably still intoxicated. The Bard would be proud.
I'm still yet to have the patience and suffer the queue for the infamous Betty's tea rooms, but I guess that in 3 years it's just bound to happen. My aims for next term consist of: not napping in the day (sinful, and crucified my sleeping pattern for 3 months), eating kale (because one cannot survive 10 weeks off dominos any longer) and sourcing the best Espresso Martini in York. I'll keep you posted.
So after a chaotic 10 weeks in the cold, yet comforting North, I ventured four hours even more Northern (I practically have the accent now) to St. Andrews to visit my best friend Laura. There, I was mesmerised by the quaint, idyllic nature of the town - and how bloody windy it was. There's always something about breathing in the fresh coastal air, a rarity for a midlands girl, so Laura and I ventured out onto the pier. Rookie error, as skirts were by our chins, and the North Sea found it fitting to steal Laura's crochet hat. She was not amused. The trip was finished with dinner in 'Forgans' an independent restaurant, with divine dishes, and then I ventured back home, through Edinburgh Waverley, nostalgic of my Fringe days clad in my 1960s checkered dress.
I'm back in York this weekend (albeit I may have to swim to my college) and I'm beyond excited to reunite with my friends. It's been an insane term, to which I have: met an amazing group of people, fallen for a city that possesses such heritage, learnt that college washing machines are ludicrously priced, and I still don't know how to reference. There's still time.  University life can simply be summed as an ongoing party, and I am at the best party ever.


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