Right now, I am "supposed" to be revising the decline of the economy in Russia during Gorbachev's rule, for an exam I have in less than two weeks. As much as that delights me, I found myself lost amongst the thousand odd photographs I snapped across my adventures in London and Paris for my 18th, the other month. An hour later, I've filtered through all of the memories, and plunged myself into a serious state of melancholy, because I find myself on this evening sat indoors, and not meandering through the busy Parisian streets. 
I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to live in London, once I've finished university - just a small matter of exams in order to get me there first. Exam stress is something consuming my life at the moment, I'm stressed about the fact I'm stressed if that's even a thing. However, I just keep telling myself I have three exams and then I have an insane summer to look forward to. I've got prom, parties, a girls holiday, two festivals, another trip to London, trips to the theatre, and performing in the Edinburgh Fringe. I am excited x10000000. So, I'll have to postpone the thoughts of sipping on G&T's and sitting in Cafe's listening to a distant saxophone being played in the street, for now - not for long though. And fingers crossed, it will all be worth it x 


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