Today was spent roaming around shops with Mom looking for feathers, because I'm so totally making (I say "I", but I possess no genuine skill in doing so, hence Lisa B's on the case) this seriously fly fluffy feathery bag thing, that will sound so much more appealing when I actually show you a picture - so hold tight. I then went and had a Latitude reunion *weeps endlessly* with all the girls, and swooned over Alex Pettyfer whilst eating like the best Curry ever. Then, shock, I went on Scarlett Jr. (my bicycle for those uninitiated of you on my one true love) and flaunted this awesome open backed playsuit - property of sister Baker - and sat on gates. Albeit, I nearly fell off the gate, and the field absolutely reeked of shizzle, so I swiftly moved onwards. I wore my really old House of Holland Superga trainers,  my socks that have Macaroons on, and make me hungry whenever I look at them (even after the curry) and my primary school plaits, and had a really fun time. And as for now, I'm jamming out to Bombay in my room, madly hyping off the fact I'm going to be in Africa in four days, and that my eyeliner game was siiiiiick today. Life's good


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