Why is England so cold? Legit I got onto the plane in Marrakech to fly home, at 41 degrees. And when I got off? 11. Brrrrrrrr. Within seven hours of being in the country, I was already on my bike, attempting to burn the incessant amounts of Moroccan delicacies I've consumed in the past week. Praise the lord for Moroccan Mint tea!! It's insane. But it genuinely was an amazing seven days, of exploring a totally different culture, and I rejoice in the fact that I can walk through my town centre without seeing Snakes. Ew x1000
Today I'm ploughing through the mounds of school work I've been putting off for the last seven weeks (jheeeeze what have I been doing for that long!?) and watching Sherlock and Luther for the 349th time, and dreaming about about the Moroccan heat. Tan's fadeing already (le cry)


  1. I know what you mean it's tropical one day and freezing the next at the moment! Love this look, great jacket :)

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