The past two days, I have been in Oxford, having a mini-break away from where I live, seeing the architecturally beautiful, and chilled atmosphere of Oxford in the summertime. Having bought a huge heap of books (on the introductions of Classic Literature- oh the things that enthral me) I, myself and the mother, primarily went to go and see the infamous "Giffords Circus." The creative group simply captures the essence of literature, and physical skills within its work through the visually stimulating, and comical performances of international artistes and acrobats. So basically it was brilliant. Having been for the past 10 years, it's one of my favourite things to do annually, as a family, and this year I knew one of the cast members, so I got taken on a tour to go and meet the cast, and witness the lifestyle of living in a caravan or wagon. Coolest thing was they had a "party wagon" with insanely loud music and LED lights in it. So joining.
I also ended up going to the 'Pitt Rivers' museum, however I was seriously grossed out by the shrunken heads, dinosaur skeletons, preserved mummies, and octopus' in huge jars (that I nearly nearly knocked over, sorry Mr Pitt) and so I shortly left, as I realised the scientific world, and seeing insane uses of taxidermy - stuffed bats everywhere -  was not to my taste, and hence I rejoiced in the fact that Stegosaurus' no longer grace the Earth, whilst buying a Coconut ice cream.
Most of my expedition however was spent walking aimlessly around the city, and tearing my feet to shreds in loafers. On the note of shoes, one's spending habits have not yet ceased and I am now wearing a pair of burgundy docs. Oops !!


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