For the first week of my summer- it's been pretty awesome, as an understatement. The amount of bike rides I've been on has hit new levels, and my quads are literally like rocks now. So since Tuesday, when I got my piercings, I've decided I want more, heavens knows where, so for now that idea has been put on hold. Tattoo next maybe though...
One of my most foolish moments this week was wearing my sisters black Zara skirt on my bike to go and meet friends- worst idea ever. In conclusion, the whole of the town saw my panties (goodbye dignity) but it was worth it for the shoes I went and bought for £15 in my fourth picture, from £88 (kerchiiiiiiing). Albeit, they are a size 4 and are a tad tight, but regardless of that it would have been rude not to! And last night I went to a UV rave party shindig thing in a basement and it was a seeeeeeriously good night. Little did I realise that my underwear ( and teeth!?!?) were the only things that were UV, so body paint was a winner, and the dress remained on.


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