Holllllla. Long time no blog:( Life is uber crazy at the minute- I've got my first exam on Wednesday (yikes!) with English Language in the morning, and British History in the afternoon. Luckily I only have five exams, but straight after I finish I'm on Gold D of E, so yeah, pretty hectic. Yet somehow, through all of this, I managed to find time to get onto eBay and spend a good £40, for which I am now annoyed at myself. Who even knew I needed: a cute black fedora style hat, a Moshino McDonalds Fries Phone Case, dollar sign earrings, a necklace, cycling shorts (like wtf!?) a skull ring, a charm necklace, HOH style sunglasses, a star stud for my helix, glitter earrings, a hello kitty necklace (tribute to the mighty goddess herself Phoebe Lettice-Thompson) and last but not least, a multicoloured ring for my new helix piercing. I mean seriously, what happened. And to top it all off, I went to T K Maxx and brought a bag with a tiger head on it. Oops. In recent events, I went to go and see Bad Neighbours with the supreme being that is Zac Efron- the epitome of hotness. Much to my mistake and EXTREME embarrassment however, I decided it would be fun to go and see it with my father. In a nutshell, I was cringing throughout the whole thing, as he kept asking me if I was okay. But definitely a good film!! I'm just so excited now for summer, and cannot wait to go to Latitude and to hit up Holland- that (and my parcel deliveries) being the only thing motivating me for the next two weeks. Adios xo 


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