Where on Earth does one start? Just raaaaah. I've never been to a city that has one, males so suave and sophisticated in their attire, two, it's just so chilled, yet with this busy, urban vibe rustling underneath, and thirdly, drivers who are so crazy. Paris Fashion Week was just commencing as we boarded the Eurostar from Kings Cross (a station that is so beautiful within itself) and away we went. Arriving at the hotel, which was small and quirky, I can probably say I was already shopping around Paris by 3.30pm. Die hard shopper right here. We ended up walking around the beautiful monuments such as the Louvre, and Pont Des Arts, the famous lock bridge where hundreds of couples were at one with their partner we shall say. The Tuileries (huge long gardens by the Louvre) I think by far are one of my favourite parts of Paris- there were so many people my age, clothed in such cool outfits just chilling around the fountains in large groups, embracing a school night in the middle of city  through drinks and laughter. Later on during that evening, we entered what I can only describe as a capacity of such thrill and excitement: an old-fashioned bookstore (as in those ones with the ladders running up the walls) I got far too excited in there. So I had to save myself from entering a literature-based illness and divulge into the French cuisine. Huge mistake- I am now 50 stone heavier. Why is French food soooo good!? After that, we meandered through the streets, soaking in the vibes of a 
the relaxed city, and found our way back to the hotel (rather difficult, as the streets do look very similar) and I found myself watching EastEnders and Silk in the middle of Paris (hallelujah we found English channels) and having an early night, I got ready for Mom's birthday the next day. 


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