Seriously this week has been soooo cool. It started off with numerous ballet shows, where my dance school put on a performance of Sleeping Beauty, and I got to wear pink UV pointe shoes- beyond awesome. And then on the last night of the show (which also happened to be my birthday) I walked into the dressing room in the theatre, to be surprised by all my friends with a cake and presents! I received some new clothes, which I'm wearing in the pictures, along with my favourite new socks from my bestie Joe- flamingo socks, just oh. Mom also took me on a surprise visit which ended up at PC World, with me looking a tad confused. But she surprised me with a Kindle, which I literally adore and have not put down since. American Psycho is my current read. I had a lovely lunch with my family, and then I later went and partied hard with my friends on a trampoline until 2 in the morning. And so yesterday I ventured out to meet my friends for a birthday dinner in the highest possible shoes I own, allowing me to actually be at a height where my legs touch the floor when I sit down. This evening has been spent rehearsing for a show I am in this week, so I'm catching up on all of my work (she says, watching Gossip Girl and eating heaps of Cereal) Overall, a marvellous week


  1. Tooo beautiful!! Those shoes are crazyyy xxx


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