Happy Valentines day one and all. I am currently having a viral date with my boy Joe, and we're pretty much having a communal disco to 80s Madonna tracks, merged with Brit and a little Sharpay Evans. Très chic. So this week has been seriously siiiiick- I went to go and see Foals on tuesday, (which were uh-Mazing: if you do not know who Yannis is, google him and his majestic beard) with Bronwyn, so I got her to take me some quick snaps at the train station. It is fair to say my creepers got destroyed (insanely cramped moshing) and wearing a bobble hat in a crowd of people is not recommended. I wore my snazzy Phoebe Lettice inspired jacket in the pictures, which is actually super comfy and a complete bargain. Ahuhhhhh. I've now got a week off school (wahooooligans) which I intend to spend watching films, and explore the shops with my somewhat empty purse.  Kudos and love for my lil patriotic GB bag - and the ripped jeans were the sisters. Note: In arctic conditions, avoid wearing holy trousers. Guilty. Busy weekend coming, I'm partying tomorrow badabooom.


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