Life's been pretty siiiick at the moment- today I spontaneously found myself decorating 42 pointe shoes in silver glitter for my forthcoming dance show- but I keep finding random speckles of glitter in my eyebrows. Hmm. Then tonight, I went out with the girls to celebrate Yas' birthday, so it's been a pretty sweet day. I am however hyping crazily for the next week. I'm off to a secret destination which I cannot reveal as it is a surprise for the Mothership's birthday, which she has no clue of where abouts (and the chances are she is probably reading this, so hi mom). But I'll reveal all soon. My leather LBD in the picture has served me proud for a good 4 years- and the jacket was one of my Grandma's which she gave to me (Thanks Grandma.) I literally shed a trail of glitter wherever I go. So all in all, today has been a very glittery day, and on that note, I am off to go and read in the bath, and hit Netflix! P.S Tomorrow I'll hit you with the low-down on my walk in wardrobe (ish) that has taken me like 2 days to do, and has involved heavy manoeuvring (grr). Goodnight!


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