Okay, so after endangering my life having clambered upon these logs, (note: heels and wooden logs do not mix) I present to you my bestial, somewhat animalistic coat - faux fur of course. It has been yet again a most hectic week- I decided to take on 3 shows at once, and it's proving a challenge, but a most enjoyable one. And to top it off, Momma took me for a little trip to town, to buy myself some folders and file dividers- riveting. However, I ended up being a victim of those most arduous Topshop sales (one doth jest). I managed to bag some more snazzy loafers, but this time in a siiiiick shade of cerise, along with a top with cats on it. Why not? I'm off to spend the rest of the evening with my gal Zo, with an evening bike ride in order, in hope that one does not fall off ones bike this time. Severe bruising was a result of this. Check out the parrot on my bag- so swag.


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