Hollllla. It's 5pm, it's not dark, and I'm jamming out to Peace - when I probably should be writing an essay on analysing gender stereotypes in texts - Oh balls. Today I wore my new vintage shirt, the one I bought last weekend from Islington- I seriously love it. And today was the first day of 2014 when the shorts came out -albeit tights had to be worn with such an item, due to the probable susceptibility of getting hyperthermia (note: two pairs of tights is a genius idea). I ended up buying more things too (tut) for example, my new topshop slipper-esque shoes, that remind me of the Kooples, along with some glitter socks, and some gold hoop earrings. In my defence, I needed the socks. It's cold outside. P.S It was very difficult to take a picture when my hair wasn't harassing my face- tribute to Cousin Itt


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