Holllllla. So this weekend was so amazing- I went to Devon with my family to celebrate my parents birthday's in Burgh Island, and it was awesome! The hotel was  1930s inspired, with extreme art deco furniture everywhere, and like die hard Agatha Christie fans everywhere (in full 1930s dress) with me just rocking up in my air max like 'Yo, Poirot who?' There was also a murder mystery trial as well that took place, and we ended up winning the Champagne (kerchinnnnng). So all in all a most snazzy weekend by the sea. I've just got back today, after a long four and a half hour journey, and after the havoc of unpacking and re-packing, I am extremely excitedly say *squeals* that I am off to PARIS tomorrow! Rahhhhh! All being well I get WiFi (praise Jesus) I'll blog my Parisian experience when I'm out there! So farewell England, and Bonjour French Garçons!


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