So this blazer so totally isn't mine, in fact I don't have a clue who's it was- but it was of my favourite vintage finds from Islington Market, and was apparently from a local boys boarding school. Today myself and my friend Joe went for a drive to go and get coffee, in celebration of life just being so fabulous. To add to that we had 'Material Girl' by Madonna, on full blast whilst driving - dream. We plan to go to LFW in September, because after having seen all of the latest collections (specifically Ashish and Christopher Kane) I am just in lurrrrrv. Now I'm off to go and have an "It's-Not-Sunday-But-a-Wednesday Sunday Dinner," whilst watching To Kill a Mockingbird with Mom, and then I think a bike ride is long overdue! But of course, I'll be back for the Brits! (Four days until holiday-wahoooo)


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