YO 2014

Happy New Year! Jheeeze as if it's 2014 already! Crazy times. And I haven't blogged since June, seriously crazy. 2013 was a seriously good year for me, I got 9 GCSE's (whoop), I visited a festival, I was fortunate enough to see two amazing countries, discover some amazing people who I know I will stay close to, and of course the main one, seeing Alex Turner in the flesh. Now before I commit myself to a trance and dribble over him, (I'll probably google search his beautifulness after I've written this blog post) I've decided to commit myself back onto the blogging scene.
I took a break from it this year because I really wanted to do well in my exams, and I just had so much on. And in saying that, I am now studying A Level subjects which is even harder so why am I back? Well, as of late, I've kind of had an epiphany. For the past few years, I've been in a trauma about what I want to be when I grow up, and I know I have yonks of time to decide, but I know for sure I want it to involve my two favourite things- fashion, and English. So I'm back bombarding my little square of the internet with pictures of my outfits, and talking about the random shizzle in my life, such as why I chose to wear a feather skirt on NYE. (Mainly because my PVC trousers that I ordered didn't appear on time) but Ostrich/flamingo/bird/feather ball/creature were just some of the names I was christened with. Christ only knows what I'll decide to sport this year - hopefully more outrageous and seriously weird things. I mean, I woke up this morning and bought a hat that has cat ears on it. Happy 2014 dudes


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