So today I went for a bike ride to go and have breakfast with my friend Danni. It was chilled, in every aspect of the word, as this coat was far from insulated, and British weather is pants. I'm wearing my Mom's coat (which she doesn't know about) and using my favourite thing ever. My custom made bicycle that my family got me for Christmas. I plan to take it to Uni with me, so I can get around whichever crazy city I end up in - and the fact it has my name on is just ahhhhhmazing. Big Kudos to the Mothership for doing that. Life's getting busy again after my extended Christmas food Coma, and last night was great as I went to go and see "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom," with my best friend. Seriously such a good film - I cannot rate it enough! Off to get a cup of tea now though, and divulge into my new book 'It' by Alexa Chung. Goodnight!

P.s I'm wearing one of my sister's bespoke beanies that she makes! Check them out on Facebook and Instagram: Blondiebakes


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