So this is the mahoosive jumper I was talking about - pretty huge huh? And there's my new fluffy clutch, which is the equivalent of my pet. I haven't decided what I'll call it yet. And I'm also sporting my Orange Zara babies that I saved my pennies for. The ultimate tear jerker when I wore them to a house party, stood on muddy grass, and the heels no longer resembled their beautiful clementine colour. Lesson well learnt- stay away from grass.  Anywho, I've finished all my mock exams now (wahoooo) so I've been rejoicing in the act of lying by the fire watching the Golden Globes and checking out all the outfits- seriously check out what Emma Watson wore- so cool. Whoever thought of wearing trousers with a long open backed dress- I like you.
I've got no homework tonight (literally the first night of sixth form I have nothing to do) so I'm going to check out Netflix and eat my mozzarella and pesto salad, in the sweet knowledge that I am freeeeee. Peace out dudes


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