Just a quick one before I dash off for coffee with Bronwyn- here are some snaps of my outfit from yesterday. I can't take credit for the tartan as it's my sisters, and she'll kill me if I don't say that it's hers- thanks Kend. Yesterday was awesome, I went to Kend's uni to go see her, and ended up buying some siiiick things. I bagged some mahoosive (like XXXXL) vintage 'Tennessee University' jumper, some Paul Smith socks, and a few topshop accessories. In the last picture I was trying to work out if the coat suited me or not. Wish I'd bought it now. All in all it was a very eventful day, resulting in me getting mittens with Swans on. Serious swag. Anyway, gotta go dudes, I'm off for this coffee and hitting the cinema after! (note the PVC leggings- noisiest things ever to walk in)


  1. yess i absolutely love this! Youu look so nice, lovely photos! Your style is bangin! P.s i want those sunnies xx


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