Uber hectic week this last week, with hours of dance rehearsals and a trip this weekend with the mother, to see....American Psycho. I don't often rate performances without any criticisms, but on a genuine level, it was THE best play I have seen for a long time. Perhaps this could be due to the mesmerising scenes of Matt Smith, entering on stage in just panties, but it was just insane. There was all kinds of electronic music in the background like The Human League and the classic 'Hip to B square,' and as it was in a small but beautiful theatre (The Almeida) I was fortunate enough to be two metres away from Matt every time he entered on stage. Mother informs me I was gorming out throughout the whole performance. In other news that doesn't highlight my love for this particular male, I had a little look around Islington market, and bagged some seriously cool vintage. I got a crazy Phoebe Lettice inspired shirt with every colour on it under the sun, and a blazer from a local boys boarding school. Overall, a snazzy weekend- and when entering a shop a woman came up to me and told me my hat was brilliant and that I looked exactly like Bridget Jones. One was not sure how to take this. And on that note, I shall depart and dance around my room to 'Don't You Want Me Baby' on full blast


  1. YOU misses are just ridiculous, do you ever not look amazingly cool? Xxx


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