And so I returned to school today, having done my first mock examination in English Language, and thankfully it went well. Today's attire consisted of my school uniform (blue suit) and I wasn't up for having a photoshoot in my pencil skirt, as I waddled around in my heels, trying to look cool- no doubt I would of fallen over. So instead I've collected a few of my favourite nights out with my best friends over the past month or so. We all looooove getting dressed up, so we take any chance possible to do so, getting together and having a really chilled time. Once my exams are done (Monday) I'm planning to go out with them all again and hopefully I can wear my new hat with ears. I can't wait to wear that. NB: On the first picture, I received several bruises a few moments later, as I opened the door on my leg. Terrible mistake- and they still haven't gone. 


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