No joke, my bike is literally my boyfriend. It's becoming borderline obsessive with the amount I go on it, I literally can't stop. I spend most of my time with my bike, and today I went for coffee, in fact a Venti Caramel Cream Frappucino, and divulged in hours of conversation with my friend Danni (kudos to Dan for the pictures I made her take whilst kids and dogs looked at us weirdly). It resulted in her Momma doing my nails, which I love, because when it comes to things like that, I struggle to keep the actual nail varnish on my nails and not all around them. The mittens also came out in full force today- easily one of my best buys this year. I ended up finding a few pounds in the bottom of my purse so I guiltily ended up buying some sick ass earrings that remind me off Puffer fish and a ring that looks like either one of them nut things, like nuts and bolts type thing. Jheeze, exposure of my DIY skills there. The snazzy USA flag Scarf was actually a gift from the father for Christmas- believe me I was shocked when I opened it too- there must of been some motherly assistance in there somewhere. And in all honesty, the New Balance are mom's. She doesn't need to know 


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