Florals? It's not usually a look I normally go for, especially contrasting a two together. But I kind of like it! It was my Mom who actually inspired me with this outfit, and she said the clash would look good.
So then I thought by adding darker accessories, such as the sunnies, and the bag, plus with darker shoes, would tone it down slightly. But when I got thinking about putting this outfit together last night, I got quite excited- so I think in future I might opt for a few more clashes in my wardrobe.
The fashion world's now moving into its next season- AW 11, and I can't wait! I love summer and all, but the darker and colder times of the year are my favourite. I love the coats and the scarves, and the boots, and layers you can wear in winter, and be SO unbelievably cosy, yet fashiony at the same time.


  1. Great look!!!

    xx Alexandra


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