After taking around 2,000 photos (the normal amount I would tend to take for me) of my holiday- you see, I am one of those people who likes to have their lives in photographs, to look back at the memories- I finally put together some of my favourite photos from the holiday.
I drank soooo many mojito's (non-alcoholic) and got a very burnt nose.
Hoorah for after-sun! Still stings though!

As I prepare myself for the last few days on my holiday, just as I manage to tune out the sound of the seagulls, and resist walking away from the ice cream van, I have to finally brace myself with the facts that the holidays are almost over!

As some people scream "NO!" I always look forward to September, and "another year." I like the whole idea of a fresh time, one year wiser, and smarter. 
There is also one bonus about September time- the fashion magazines are meaty! 300 odd pages on stuff I love- yes, please!

So, making the most of these last few days, eating "sandwiches," emphasis on the sand part, and mighty hot chocolates, containing soooo many calories, I will probably have to do sit-ups for the rest of my life, all makes this summer, be a great one!

Love for now,


  1. i miss summer already!


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