Hello everyone!

So this is the jewellery post I have been meaning to post for some time, and I have now finally got round to photographing!
So here you can see all of my new jewellery I purchased on my holiday for some really good prices! The green earrings were around £4, as were the starfish one's. The gold arm cuff was about ten pound, and I think the turquoise stone bracelet was a similar price!
I love bargains! They make me feel so satisfied with myself, its rather silly!

So today I got back into my office (my caravan) and started to put some stuff in it to help me with future blog posts, and just loads of good books to read and music lists for inspiration!

The weather has been wicked here today in the UK- we have had heavy rainfalls on and off all day, but its good for me, because rain is my favourite kind of whether! Obviously, its not too good to photograph in, but I managed to sneak outside and snap a few shots whilst it held off for a while. However, the decking that I was standing on was always to pose on, because I kept falling all over the place, and laughing, and slipping again! 

But watching the rain thunder down to the ground, and sat in my caravan blogging listening to music, and singing my heart out,  all wrapped up in my super super super thick knit cardigan,has to be one of the best "summer" moments! (emphasis on the summer part, as strange enough my memory is to do with rain!)

Love for now!

Hooked on this (link) song right now! 


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