Hello there!

Well as I mentioned in my previous post, the weather has been very wet today, so my blog shoot conditions were therefore horrendous. As you can see, the floor was very wet, and slimy, and at one point, i fell over so bad I had to grab hold of the pole, in the pictures, to prevent myself from landing on my rear end- but thankfully I found it amusing as I had a laughing fit after, to a certain extent I think I may now have a six pack! Make that eight...

Today has been just a totally awesome day! I did absolutely nothing! I love days where you can just chill, and just listen to some totally amazing music. I love music. It makes me want to go to another festival again- despite all of the downs of festivals (like having wee thrown on you, and goodness knows what else!) I think I was born for festival life! I love the whole rush and vibes of excitement, seeing everybody together having a laugh, having fun, and dancing to some serious beats!
So, before I get any more soppy, I'll leave you with this (link) amazing summer song, and depart!
Good Bye for now folks! Enjoy the rest of your day!



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