"The fashion world is a very strange environment. One at which, I think you have to be a fast runner, because its constantly evolving and changing in new ways. The weird thing I find is that while were all starting summer, and living it up an all, catching some rays, the fashion world is one step ahead already deciding next season's big trends. It's weird to think were all applying to different time scales, some of us living in the future, laying out plans, while were sat back from this point of view, just receiving these plans, and following them.
That's what I love about the fashion world really- its obscurities. It's not just an ethos where people design there own ideas and try and pitch them to the world. It's a constant time loop, where the unknown become the known, where strange becomes fashionable and popular, where quirky thoughts become the public demand.
The fashion world is a place that just keeps on giving. Never stops, never fades, but guides us through, season after season. And you take what you like from it, and make it your own."


▲ Above you can see me, hiding my giggles, probably at an inappropriate moment.
Scarf- Louis Vuitton, Jacket-Car Boot find.


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