I have some very excited news to share with you all! Well, as some of may know, I have a love affair for car boots (link, link, link- click to see things I have bought from the car boot, and also, you may notice they are mentioned in the caption on my blog picture). My passion occured about a year ago, when my mother suggested that in the decorating of my caravan, we have a look for some pieces from the car boot, that finish it off nicely. I had never been to a car boot before, and didn't know what to expect. I learned one thing though from my first experiance, something that you have to remember whenever you go. There are THREE key rules:

1.) Be patient- Car boots are normally filled with lots of customers and lots of sellers, and you aren't going to find something instantly.
2.) Rumage- Things aren't always noticed at are car boot. You could of walked past a pair of vintage Prada shoes, for a fiver and not noticed! Take your time, enjoy the experiance, and keep your eyes peeled!
3.) Imagination- When my Mom and I used to go shopping, she would say to me "Scarl, do you like this?" Sometimes, my responses would be "It's hideous." However, as I said before, you have to rumage. You may see something and not be amazed by it- but you have to use your imagination. I remember picking up a top once in a shop, and saying "I am not going mad for this- but something is making me like it. The problem is though, I don't know what I would wear with it." That last bit has occured through my head just as many times as I have probably been to car boots. That's the killer in buying a garment, when you think "What do I wear it with?" 

I used to be put off things, in buying them, when I couldn't answer that question, but actually, going to the car boot changes your perspective and gives you an answer! I learnt that you have to use your imagination when you pick something up. Say you picked up a knitted jumper at a car boot, and liked something about, but weren't sure. Tell yourself your sure, and think "Perhaps it could go with the grey topshop shorts I have, and black tights and my wedges, I could totally pull it off." Make yourself picture things to wear it with, and if you aren't finding a match, find the garment you need to wear it with! 
You have to get your mind going when you buy things, it's not as simple as it seems!
Also, if you see something and think like I did "Eurgh- it's hideous," change your mind! Think to yourself "Oh, actually, if I wore it with that dress I have got, it could loom quite nice! "

These rules apply to anything! Whether your buying biscuit tins, and thinking "Will it suit the granite?" The answer is "YES! It will." You style it so that it is.
Styling is the key to making something okay, to becoming something wonderful! You just have to put your mind to it, and make sure it looks how YOU want it too look! 


Okay, so you know my three golden rules, but that wasn't the climax to this post. Well, I always rant on about how it's awesome to buy stuff, and to make someone's day knowing that they have finally got rid of that "awful blue jumper, your aunt bought your three Christmases ago," (in your opinion anyway! ) It's always nice to be the customer, but this time I am going to be the seller! 
My sister and I have took out all our old clothes and boxed them all off to take with us to the car boot, so we can "re-new" our wardrobes. I am so excited, (not about the wake-up call, on the other hand: 8.30, in the holidays!!!) but it should be fun! 

I'll let you know how it all goes, and hey, i might learn three golden rules as a seller! 

Wish me look luck,



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