how has your week been going?
mine has been great, movies, sleep, fashion, and a little bit of writing (but writing in a good way-not homework)!
i think i am going to start myself a new sketchbook, perhaps today or this week some time- or what's left of the week! half-term holidays go too fast!

I just want to let you all know that my blog may be changing over the next few weeks, in my layout and post style and all that, so don't be surprised if my blog header changes from day to day!
I fancy a bit of change at the minute for my blog. It's been over a year now, and it has changed so much, you would not believe it, but I have been planning some new stuff for it for a while now, so I hope to do it all soon.

Ooh! Also, make sure you check out the link to my page about the products that I make because there are some new styles available, but also a new product is coming soon...
Click the link, and keep posted with my news and pictures (link).

Also, I found a few new instalments to my wardrobe for the end of winter, and i shall be photographing them very soon!

Anyway, I'm off to plan my next post now!
Bye Bye,


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