Alexa Chung. Style Icon.

image via golestaneh-streetstyle.blogspot.com

Alexa Chung is one of those people you just can't help but love their style. They could wear something horrible and still look good. As above, in the picture, Alexa models a dress which i bought a while ago off eBay. Teaming it with black tights, like Alexa does too, I then mixed it with a red glittery belt and my Eiffel Tower bag. 
I was scrolling down on the list of items "Topshop Lace Dresses," on eBay with prices that ranged from £1 to about £75. I can't but love eBay, and I love the desperate rush to get that item of your dreams. You're losing the bid and with 20 seconds to go, you sneakily put  in that bid to grab that item, and what do you know, it's yours?
I get so excited to go on eBay, knowing that I am guaranteed 100% to find something on their I want to buy. Last month, it was a search for "Alfred Hitchcock, The Birds Barbie Doll," and this months its "Vintage Quilted Backpack." You surprise yourself finding the most bizarre things on eBay, and that's just so cool.
Anyway, as I was saying, I teamed my dress with a few accessories and hey presto! I had it. 
Sorry about the size of the picture, it was quite blury, so I had to resize it. 


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