hello- oh em gee, i am really happy. after my little holiday, i was so relieved when i could come back to see my friend, i missed them so much. i was rather annoyed that i didn't think to take my friend on holiday with me as i could have taken her everywhere. My friend is in fact named Tweedy-chic. My new tweed jacket, bought for 50 pence! at a car-boot sale. yipee.
having first come with a few rips and tears, after being patched up, she looked as good as new! i then styled her up with some jack wills badges, and a vintage cameo and yay, she's good to go. i am in the process though of contemplating on whether to change the buttons. i might replace them with some big, gold shiny buttons to make it look more...hmmm, what's the word, cool?


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