it's been a while.

hello, how are you?

well, good gracious, i can't believe it, where did the year go? It seemed only the other day i was buried under a pile of school textbooks but now, I'm freee! Hip Hip Hooray!
I'm waiting and hoping that the weather will be beautiful and I can gallop through the suns majestic rays whilst surfing and drinking hot chocolate.
I can't believe that one minute I am at school moaning for the hols to come to i can have fun, and now their actually here. there's so much i want to do, so much i want to see.

firstly, i can officially tell you that I purchased my very own carton of Coco Vita the other day. It's very coconutty. so i was very excited about that, and i can now tick that off my to-do list. yipee
secondly, i have seen eclipse! OMG! and have officially chosen my team, ..... TEAM JACOB!
and I luckily managed to read the book only a few days before the film came out. now i am on to the final one- and it sounds good :)
oh, and c.)
no, wait, thirdly, i visited a second hand shop the other day completely for clothes and bought some beautiful khaki and brown clothes for A/W . Yay!
I think that is all that has really happened but it's all been splendid.
look what I recieved.    ♥


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