ramble, ramble, ramble.

Pinch, Punch, First of the Month. No return!

this was the leg-end i have been talking about for who knows how long!?
i think the people that serve us nearly every weekend are starting to realise what we want to order and so next week i shall be ( hopefully) able to say:
"morning, the usual please. "
and then something along the lines of :
"ooh, isn't the weather awful. i can't beleive how bloomin' windy it is!"
okay, so i may not go into that much detail. the nice lady who served me on sunday made me laugh- twice! heehe.

daddy went to order something that including bacon and when the lady...

*PAUSE* can i just say i am tired of saying the lady, the lady, the lady, e.t.c, so I think i am going to call her Miranda.
came to ask how Daddy would like his bacon cooked he replied "well done," therefore she replied "how well done?" and in the corner of the hot plate was a little pile of extremely well done bacon. "That will do," my Daddy replied, pointing to the pile. " Y'serious!!!????" replied Miranda in an utterly shocked tone of voice as if Daddy had committed some sort of crime like robbing Poundland. I was just in hysterics at this point because to be honest it wasn't that shocking. I mean, who was she, the bacon police under cover as a lady dresses in a red gingham apron protected by the warmth of her fast selling and delicious food in a trailer whilst the rest of us had to hold on for dear life as the wind howled at us? no.

blimy. what a sentence. i think my english teacher used to tell me to sort out my sentence structure and used complex sentences that included subordinate clauses and what not. i never really understood what they meant and though that my sentences were a perfectly decent length. Except now i see what they mean-oops!

by the way, if you didn't laugh, because i know it isn't a very humorous joke, i just wanted to recount it anyway, i am NOT a comedian- just for the record.
but back to miranda, i wonder why i chose that name? hmm, let me think!!!!
perhaps it is due to the fact that i am screaming inside that i cant go and see the new Sex and the City 2 film. Come on, it's not fair! It's a 15, but so what!
I was reading the Sunday Times the other day and discovered in the hot list that these were in:

ooh la la! i really want one, especially the MIRANDA one. If youuuuu would like one they are available at:
www.tattydevine.com (image source too!)

back later.
toodles. x


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