The latest goss?

Hello readers,

hello,( oh , i just said that) i have realised - sorry, that i havn't posted in a while. i have had such a busy time lately with all new orders e.t.c, but anyway, back to business. Oh, by the way, i meant to ask, how are you?

indeed it has been a while, but it's time for me to fill you in with the info, the goss, the latest, the...oh whatever, i'll just get down to the point. with my new collection official it is all looking good. new prints and styles including bizarre illustrated drawings to the more formal gardening themes, my new range is set out to wow!


sooo, i read a good magazine the other day, except i forgot the name of it, sorry. i picked it up in the shop and browsed through it- it seemed good though. **I'll get back to you on that one.**

in the mean time, check out these beauties...there in the sale as well. :D, tehe.

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