Fancy a Cuppa?

Its strange to think that this question inspires me. I read through again and again-- can those three words be something more than just a question on a piece of paper?
I get inspired sometimes-- well most of the time, very easily by artistic sayings like:

You can find Inspiration in anything. And if you can't look again.

*Paul Smith.

Sometimes I feel I live off this saying because if there was no inspiration in my life, I wouldn't be doing what I am today. My Mother often says this to me, I think just to remind that nothing is plain and dull.
But I seem to be inspired by these three words every time I re-read the question. Is the fact that it brings different ideas to my mind every time i think about it? It does make me wonder.

You are probably wandering by now what I am rambling on about but reading makes me inspired to produce work of such-...such beautiful things. When I read the question, I think of a child drawing a beautiful drawing of only the beautiful way a child can: a deformed and scribbly cup. These little thoughts make me want to search for books--books that I would never think of grabbing out from the shelf and rescuing so they can live another life in the hands of someone else.

So, next time I see a little question or sentence like that, I hope I will read through the paper and think..."What is it saying, really?".

Note to self: Remember to apologise to all readers of this article if spelling or punctuation is bad. I was desperate to write and publish it as soon as possible.

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