The Apple of My Eyes...

The Apple of my eyes- huh, well not quite is my old iBook G4, the center of my writing, the heart of my blog. Go type in on Google Images 'iBook G4' and its there. You'll find it. You'll probably think "Crikey, that's an old one!" And... well, as a matter of fact, it is. But it suits my needs. It enable same to publish successful articles of writing upon whatever takes my fancy and little articles to put on my blog. What else could I need?

Yes, my laptop is old, but thats the reason I love it. It plays a crucial part in my life and to someone that would probably sound sad, but when I say that it is important, I honestly mean it. My laptop, after a large persuasion of doing what I say, when I tell it to do something, actually listens to me now. Even after all the therapy that it went through to carry on working and the amount of cleaning spray I put on it after covering it with stickers that stay on for about 6 months and the large sharpie pen marks that are drawn all over near the area by the mouse are still visible- especially after worrying that I misread the label on the Pen "SHARPIE PEN: PERMANENT MARKER," I don't think I quite got the gist that it doesn't come of until I actually try it, and I know my sentence is probably going to be about the length of page with thousands of commas scattered in it but sorry, I have one more thing to say before I end the sentence: With its tea and pen stains and age old stickers, I have given my laptop a character, a chance to let it be who it wants to be, to know that it is loved and is important, but SORRY, I know I promise done last point but here goes:

Dear My beloved Apple,

You know deep down I love you and I apologize for all the times I left you on overnight.... Love S..xx.

She will know what I mean.


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