Ideas from Amsterdam.

Not so long ago, I took a trip to Amsterdam with my family. I hadn't ever really thought about Holland and had never heard much about it so I thought I might not enjoy it.
But oh! Was I wrong? I loved it! It was such exciting city with so much to explore and gave off vibes of thrill.

There was some beautiful stationery, books gardening things and loads of old stuff too! It was my kind of place to be! I must say, I adore the traffic lights there, so much more exciting than British one's. In Amsterdam they were all stripy and once you pressed the button it started beeping slowly. So when the time came for you to cross the road, it was beeping dead fast and constant. It made us jump when we crossed over the road for the first time when we got there. It sounded like a bomb about to detonate. Haha.

Amsterdam has given me so much scope and ideas for my envelopes. I get the impression from Amsterdam that areas of it were quite retro ,yet stylish and funky, so this is how I want my envelopes to be.

I think I nearly used up all of my phone memory on that trip as I took about 300 pictures. It was just so beautiful. The things that mostly caught my eye were decorated bicycles and graffiti wagons and old post boxes. Anything like that.In the end, I think Amsterdam was a great place for my research...

With beautiful views, interesting food, and lots of places for you to visit and gasp at, I recommend Amsterdam to those quirky lovers out there! It's a must-see!.

"When it's Spring again, we'll ring again
with Tulips from Amsterdam."



  1. Greetings,

    Liking the bit about the traffic lights.
    Haha. Sounds like a good holiday.

  2. Looks like all that hard work paid off! Looks cool :)

    ❤ kend

  3. Niceeeeeeee cards!!!!! ily sooooo much and your creations <3


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