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After a hectic ten weeks, venturing across York, Dublin, London and home whilst meeting deadlines and reading into the early hours of the morning, I have well and truly found myself in the midst of my second year. As the half-way mark passed in my degree this term, I felt a lingering weight press onto my shoulders, reminding me that my time here is crippling away whilst I'm trying so fervently to hold onto it. But in news present; I've got myself a new job alongside my studies, I've found a spot in York that serves fresh mint tea (leaps in exultation) and attempted to learn Anglo-Saxon. Lufe mec on neorxnewang! My Christmas treat to Dublin, a city thriving on its heritage and fluently melodic accents that I could listen to over and over again was an enthralling adventure. I soon learned that the Irish solution to any problem was to go to the pub, of which I had 751 to choose from, and to sip on a pint of Guinness because it's "healthy". To my dismay, Guinnes…

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