Giffords, Again

13579819_1096434620422836_459063752_o13549271_1096434630422835_1708095202_o13555576_1096434640422834_440313228_o13569792_1096434667089498_1601169963_oBefore I divulge into my fabulously annual trip to Giffords Circus…Ahoy ahoy!! I'm in the process or redesigning the blog. I’d left the grass to grow too long on my Blogger turf and as the weeds tangled with 7 years of writing, I decided it was time to start pruning. So alas, and please bare with the process as I’ve got my secateurs out ready. 
On Monday, myself and my family ventured to Oxford University Gardens (torturing my soul a little more) to watch ‘The Painted Wagon,’ Giffords’ new show. I got drenched, I laughed, I got a notebook (winning) and I got to watch a man hang horizontally off a pole – just digest that image for a second – muscles for daaaays. I’ve also been having immense Glasto blues this summer, not that I went, but oh I tried. Sitting on the sofa watching the sets on BBC just doesn’t correlate with being knee deep in mud and Christ knows what else. Next year, without a doubt.
OOOOH !! I’ve finished my first year (HOW?) ! Time has gone ludicrously fast, finishing the year with my favourite people at York Racecourse, where we took full advantage of the silent disco screaming in peoples faces. The headache the next day regretfully ranked at at all time high. I made so many amazing memories across my first 3 terms as a Fresher, I fell in love with the beautiful York, Shakespeare and a boy. With basically 3 months of summer, I just don’t know what to do with myself, other than ignore my reading lists, not get a job, but eat cake. Here’s to endless late nights catching up with friends with my new Mojito Cocktail mix. Hoping it’s a good one this year! Now stop raining already.


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