Spring Semester

With week six of term creeping ahead, with it, lingers the prospect of a Global Literature essay, a group presentation, on Caroll's 'Alice' and an addiction to Caffeine. As of this week, my accommodation will be situated in the 'Colonisation' section of the library, as I find myself reduced to that of a Hermit with every intention this week of bringing a blanket and pillow and have a camp out with Coetzee and the critics.
In writing this post, however, it would be unjust of me if I did not describe the events of Friday evening that, abstaining from any clich├ęs, has shaped my understanding of my time at University so far, along with the potential that it offers me for the next two years.
On Friday 29th January, myself along with students from across the North (represent) had the insaaaaane (x1000) pleasure of hearing the fearless, iconic and demure Anna Wintour grace Central Hall of my campus, and deliver a speech (with me treating it like another Lit lecture recording it on my phone) that I may or may not have been listening to when I sleep ever since. One must be "intellectually free" and "not too specialised" in what one is studying, declared Anna speaking to the masses on how to seize opportunities and utilise your craft. Sporting both the infamous bob and the shades, it was impossible not to cling onto every syllable that left her mouth with an air of overwhelming excitement. In listening to her speech, I have grasped an understanding of ignoring what is narrow minded, and seizing the opportunity that University life offers. I feel I've somewhat let Mrs Wintour down, having turned down a Kuda Tuesday for seminar prep.
The past week also entailed dragging the beau to coffee shops, bday partying and a trip to the holy land (Waterstones duh) to buy more books than uni hall shelves will allow. I've decided that if my loan is going to go to anything, its going to be rinsed on Espresso Martini's and Byron - as in the Lord's poetry -  and maybe the burger bar (a weekly ritual at uni).
As I resign myself to an early night, she says at 00.43 having just opened the first page of next week's book, I will leave you with the knowledge that a.) A5 post it notes do exist - absolute game changer, and new wallpaper in my room for the next week, and b.) a response to a question from AW 'What do you recommend as the best way to cultivate your own style? ' *tuts* 'Look in the mirror.' Sassiness is for the select few. Good night. x


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