In the time since my last blog post, a lot has changed in my life. For starters, I'm now an adult, and I still find that bizarre to say because taxes scare me and I still can't use a washing machine or iron my clothes for that matter. I spent the week building up to my 18th in my last ever show at school (tears) where I played a sassy business woman. Then that weekend was my "birth weekend" whereupon I had a countdown with all of my friends to 12.00am on the Sunday in front of the whole bar - insanely embarrassing but cute at the same time. We partied hard until five in the morning, dancing with all of my besties and I suffered profusely the next day. Mother was hosting a Champagne Tea Party, however one only managed a single glass (sip) of Laurent Perrier  because it was just too much to handle. I even added Orange Juice :( I clearly have a lot to learn.
Back in February, I ventured off to Italy with my school friends, and learnt how to ski. It was such an incredible week, where I got to make new friends, and eat some beaut Italian food. It was so scary, because I'm seriously scared of heights, and I was so out of my comfort zone - but at the same time I thrive off the sense of fear.
Tomorrow night, I'm off to London to stay over with my family, and then on Wednesday, I'm on the Eurostar to PARIS!! I'm so excited to get lost in one of my favourite places on Earth, eating Macaroons and drinking cocktails in Parisienne bars, and wondering the streets, absorbing all of Paris' beautiful architecture - and of course, the fashion.
I'm now prancing around my room to Catfish and the Bottlemen, a band that someone's got me obsessed with, counting down the hours! I've just bought myself three new books, and a pair of pearl earrings, and life feels so good. I have the most uuuuhmaze people in my life right now (and no school for two weeks) so happy Monday x


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