What happened in 52 weeks? Literally, I remember prancing around in my pink flamingo skirt (sinful skirt) last year, getting white girl wasted with my friends, like it was actually last week. Here are some snaps of the past week, where I've been "revising". I went to a somewhat rammed LDN last week with L Bakes, to go and see "The Merchant of Venice" and I'm mentally making my plans in my head as to how to get on stage/live by Sloane Street. Christmas was so fun this year, I got drunk with my family, including the G rents, which was an experience I don't think I'd like to endure again. Playing "Cards Against Humanity" is an activity I do not advise playing at the dinner table with your Grandparents. I ate stupid amounts and lay on the sofa for a good three hours, stroking my new LED trainers - coolest thing I own. Never mind having a party trick, (or heels for that matter) I'm gonna cut some shapes at parties in my snazzy trainers - they even have different modes, so they can flash  on and off eeeeeek.
The excitement that mounts in the final days of December, is one of my favourite moments of the year. It is in these days that we reflect on the incredible, memorable, awful, stupid moments of the year, lamenting on what has been. 2014 for me has been an intense, yet rewarding year. In this year, I made some amazing friends, made even more memories with the ones I love, I met a fashion designer (note the uber snazzy Happy Meal bag - I screamed on Christmas day), I got to go to Burgh Island, Paris, Marrakech, I passed my AS exams, I got to be Head Girl, I learnt how to drive, I got to see Alt-J, Lily Allen, Foals, Kylie, I went to Latitude Festival, I got to perform in 5 shows, I got my Gold DofE, I got to apply to Uni, and I got to do a speech to 900 people, legit the scariest moment of my life.
But in 2014, I also cried shit loads, faced rejection, complained and moaned, and spent copious amounts of time in bed watching Netflix and eating Ben and Jerry's. In 2014, I have learnt a lot about myself, which is that I baso need to chill the f out.
So 2015 holds a lot of potential - I'm sure it will deliver. I've got a ski trip, my 18th (help) the girls holiday, performing at the Ed Fringe and Uni, to look forward to, so who knows what could happen.

Blogging this year has become a serious enjoyment, being able to document my weird adventures, and frankly absurd (at times) outfits, that I am already looking back on, and thinking "why!?'. I'm praying that my deliveries arrive tomorrow, for NYE, or else I'm partying in my birthday suit, with my new cheetah print heels (£6 bargainzzzz hell yuuuuus). I cannot wait to explore and document my fashion adventures next year, so thank you to anyone who took the time at any point this year, to come onto my patch of the internet, and read my obscure thoughts. You're awesome. Happy New Year - scarlintheshire xo


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