Ew, as if I haven't blogged in forever. I swear so much has happened in the last few months - I got 2 uni offers wahooo, and I passed my driving test first time, hell yuuuuuh. I'm literally never home at the minute because of it, and I'm currently making playlists for my car, instead of doing my English Coursework - who careeees. These past few months have consisted of a lot of partying, with me so desperately counting down the days until by 18th (107 days and 7 hours). Oh, and I was also reunited with Queen Lily (Allen, duh) this month, and have since been mesmerised. Her outfits (sequin trackies = genius) and her all around presence is just incredible. Now, I'm off to go and dance with Laura, and this weekend I'm heading to the German Market (again) to go and do my Christmas Shopping! Joyeux Noël xxx


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