These past four weeks, being back at school have been the most stressful/fun weeks of my sixth form life! After going to what seems like every region of the country- I've finally applied for uni wahoo! (it's kinda scary, and it took me a good day to press the button to confirm) but now all I have to do is wait arghhhh.
This past month I got to see my fave band of all time - Alt J, who were literally insane, and on Tuesday, I reunited with my favourite boy Joe, to see Queen Kylie. She was flawless.It was so cute, running across the platform into each others arms at the station. I managed to get some really beaut Kylie merch sunglasses, in the shape of lips. Who cares that its autumn, I'm wearing them anyway. And then yesterday, I did a speech to 900 people and it was the craziest/scariest/most amazing thing I have ever done in my life. This weekend I'm drowning in coursework, but at least I can be happy because my new Phoebe Lettice top came in the post yesterday. I'm missing all my best friends at Uni right now, but I'm loving my finally year with all my bests at school. I'm off to go chill and ponder about life, for a winter-slash-autumn-but-it's-cold-enough-to-be-winter walk right now - October is simply my favourite time of year


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