Huge montage of everything that's happened in this hectic life I'm living at the minute. I'm in the midst of learning three plays, writing a speech, doing my Grade 7 Ballet, and I'm so thrilled to say I'm going to be performing at the Ed Fringe (google if u are hopeless) festival next summer! Uhhhhhhmazing!! I've spent the past few weekends exploring Uni open days, in different areas of the country - exciting x10000 - and I'm well and truly back into the mass workload of Upper Sixth, that falling asleep by 10, and transcribing Politicians speeches, has morphed into my midnight snack. Rather enthralling however, I might add. Today, on an open day, I was fortunate enough to listen to a talk from an English Faculty tutor - and I've never been so inspire in my whooooole life. And my Mom got stung by a wasp and had a reaction to it. Eventful day 

In other news, myself and my friends hit up the snazzy Birmz cuisine on Monday night, for El's 18th, which was a seriously fun night. Then the night after I went to see the National Theatre Live's screening of 'A Streetcar named Desire.' Fantastic piece of theatre (despite being 3 hrs 45 mins plus a very stiff neck). So I've been mooching around this week on minimal hours sleep, so I'm going to an read my new book called 'The Private Lives of Trees' in bed, after I finish listening to Alt J's new album (seeing them in 2 days BOOYAH) Whether or not it [the book] has anything to to with trees and their infamous social lives, I'll get back to you on that one. 

In the past three weeks also, I had to say goodbye to two of my best friends, as they fly away to University. It sucks and I miss them profusely - but I know they are happy and having the most amazing time getting wasteeeeeeed - and it means trips to different cities for me wahoo!! I'm excited for my Uni adventure to begin next year - but for now, I'm enjoying where I am right now, embracing this last year of school (le cry) with my favourite people. Night x 


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