Spending today with my Mom and my nan (big up Betty P) roaming around a pottery shop, I found myself by 10.30am eating scones (yes plural, guilty) and sipping a Caramel Latte whilst listening to my Nan talk aimlessly about putting zips in shoes in a factory when she was younger. Todays main achievement was that I educated my Nan in the Art of Swag - I taught her how to do the peace sign, to which she replied "I'll go and show all of the people at Bowls how to do this!!" Proud moment. I'll get her on the selfie scene next.
My new sequin jacket, as pictured, is my current pride and joy, as I got it from a village last week with Mom and Dad. The plan was to head to Manchester, to go for a small shopping trip before our holiday. We never made it. Having left the house at 11, we returned at 6 having never made it to Manc, as the traffic was so horrendous. So we stopped off at this pretty awesome village (where everyone drove Aston Martins?) and I picked up this sequin number.
This evening, I became a Goddess of Domesticity and danced around my room in an old orange tutu I found (ex ballet costume, I was supposed to be a Pumpkin - epitome of elegance) and screamed my heart out to Kylie and Britney. Five hours later, and my room has never been so spotless. My second achievement of the day is therefore that I have successfully categorised all of my books into a system ( English Language, Reference, Plays, Critical Theory, Literary Texts, and Historical Literature). I got far too excited by this. So now I'm rewarding myself with a Coke (Zero, due to the plural Scones) and chilling to George Ezra. Goodnight x


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