Wagwarn from Marrakech dudes!! It's literally the craaaaziest experience ever out here!! I'm enclosed in this bubble of Souks, and divine music, and constant heat and exotic vibes - and life is just so breathtakingly sweeeet right now. During the daytime, I've been soaking up the rays by the side of the pool (41 degrees heat hollaaaaa!!) and consequently I now sit here coated in a whole bottle of After-Sun. The pain. Is Unreal.
Yesterday was a seeeerious experience, as we decided to take on the infamous "Souks" in La Medina (The Old Town) of Marrakech. Apparently, I clearly stood out as a European as we got approached by soooo many people trying to sell stuff - a six year old came up to my mom trying to sell her a pack of tissuesfor 1 Dirham, to which she said no, and consequentlyhe replied FU. Not only this, but the traditional rhetoric of the Moroccan people was displayed through their verbal advertisements of "guaranteed no diarrhoea" and "cheaper than Asda." Thrilling. Not to mention I got a marriage proposal (#winning) but the guy looked like a frog so I ran away. In the end I managed to get some craaaay Henna (some woman grabbed my arm and started drawing a flower on it - and it was kinda bad, so we ventured over to a profesh, and now my arm resembles a piece of art. Bow down Van Gogh.) I also got a seriously snazzy basket, a Hand of Fatima key ring, and an antique bracelet - I'm practically Moroccan.
So now I'm currently just sat on my balcony, people watching, and rejoicing over getting my AS results today, whilst watching the stars come out over the Atlas Mountains. Splendid

(kudos to Dan Woods for writing my blog posts up for me whilst I ride Camels and burn to shreds)


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