Spontaneity was in its finest form today. I got up, and decided I wanted more piercings, and I now have a total of six piercing on my ears wahoo! (I didn't get six in one go, I'm not that hardcore) It kinda hurt a lot more than I thought it would, and the piercing place had some extreme hardcore rock music shizzle on in the background with some insane dubstep pounding through the speakers whilst the needle was going through my ears, and it was all a little odd and overwhelming. I forced Laura to hold my hand, but ironically she ended up clinging onto the wall, on the verge of feinting, looking at me wince - great moral support there. 
I also went on another driving lesson today, so I've been on some mad adrenalin rush all day. It's been a pretty chilled day, and I finished it off by chilling in some gardens with friends. Life's soooo sweet right now. And it's 16 days until Lat (screaming) Big up to Dad for the Ralphy tshirt that he doesn't know I'm currently wearing and will never need to know - and Mom gave me her Longchamp bag and I screamed. I seem to be screaming with excitement a lot lately- hell yuuuuuuuuh


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