Extremely crazy week. I began my driving lessons on Tuesday, which was seriously scary/fun/exhilarating considering I actually managed to move the car without screaming. This weekend was pretty chilled too, seeing friends and partying, and meeting new people, as a nice relief of having no more exams - ah helllll yeah.  Mom came back from Dam yesterday with bike gadgets, and one got far too excited, with my new lights, Netherlands flag bell, and a new seat cover, with stars all over it. Literally obsessed. And then of course there's the mighty glitter coated "Schwings" (shoe wings) which I have fallen for. I'm now in the dilemma of bye festival money, hello wardrobe of multiple Schwings. Genius invention. Today I've began hitting the summer reading list,  and then on a bike ride with Dan (kudos for the pictures gurl) and I've got an evening lined up of American Horror Story: my other addiction. But I should shush about Schwings now, and I'll go dream about the Ashish x Topshop Collection. Adios chicas


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